Core Infectious Diseases Module Bundle

Precision dosing Drug Modules, products, and services for the commonly-used infectious diseases medications: vancomycin and aminoglycosides


Personalize treatment

Tailor antibiotic doses to individual patients, ensuring faster, more effective treatment and supporting optimal patient outcomes. By customizing the dosage of antibiotics based on the specific needs of each patient, our applications help clinicians make more informed decisions for their patients.


Support clinical decision making

Harness the power of innovative PK and PK-PD models at the point of care. By integrating cutting-edge models into clinical decision-making processes, clinicians can confidently navigate the complexities of medication dosing, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and minimizing the risk of harmful side effects.


Maximize sampling efficiency

Reduce waste, decrease cost burden, and minimize staffing demands through sample timing flexibility, allowing streamlined monitoring around standardized times. Application of Bayesian MIPD solutions at the bedside has been shown to nearly double sampling efficiencies compared with traditional therapeutic drug monitoring methods.


Transform practice through data

Dynamic analytics dashboards provide department leaders with powerful tools to help revolutionize department practice. By offering a comprehensive visual representation of key performance indicators, datasets enable leaders to gain valuable insights into their department's performance, identify areas for process improvement, and facilitate protocol intervention.