Anticoagulation Module Bundle

Precision dosing Drug Modules, products, and services for commonly used anticoagulant medications, such as heparin and enoxaparin


Use precision dosing to improve target attainment

Enhance anticoagulation monitoring practices via patient-specific clinical decision support. Implement model-informed precision dosing to empower clinicians to make more effective treatment decisions.


Ease clinician burden and support better decision-making

Utilize model informed precision dosing (MIPD) for anticoagulant agents can help significantly reduce clinician workload and eliminate dosing uncertainty, ensuring precise patient evaluations and enabling more optimized therapeutic outcomes for patients.


Eliminate data extraction and evaluation complexities with on-demand metrics

Empower department leaders with the tools to visualize key performance indicators, identify avenues for process improvement, and pinpoint care model gaps. Admin can easily guide best practices and enhance patient safety with institution-specific data.


Augment improvement initiatives with guided consultative services

Support the evaluation and standardization of clinical protocols while identifying and addressing workflow inefficiencies to enhance overall care quality. Ensure consistent, evidence-based practices and streamlined processes, ultimately improving patient outcomes and resource management.