Bone Marrow Transplant Module Bundle

Precision dosing Drug Modules, products, and services for medications used in patients receiving transplants, such as busulfan, ATG, fludarabine, and melphalan


Boost transplant regimen success

Evidence suggests that using Bayesian modeling significantly enhances the achievement of busulfan pharmacokinetic targets compared to traditional dosing methods. Simplify dose calculations, modeling, and patient monitoring by providing real-time target estimates, eliminating the need for manual processes.


Enhance patient safety endpoints and prevent rejection

Pinpoint the ideal regimen for your patient through more informed decision-making and help prevent graft failure or veno-occlusive disease events.


Streamline laboratory sampling

Optimize resource utilization, cut costs, and reduce staffing needs by implementing flexible sample timing, enabling efficient monitoring aligned with standardized schedules. Using Bayesian MIPD solutions at the bedside can significantly enhance laboratory sampling flexibility, freeing up clinician time and streamlining workflow ahead of transplant.


Elevate your practice with data-driven insights

Interactive analytics dashboards empower department leaders with the tools to visualize key performance indicators, identify avenues for process improvement, and pinpoint care model gaps.