Antifungal Module Bundle

Precision dosing Drug Modules, products, and services for antifungal agents, such as voriconazole, posaconazole, and flucytosine


Personalize treatment through MIPD

Effortlessly monitor patients by displaying target estimates, obviating the need for manual calculations and eradicating the trial and error approach.


Augment decision-making to help prevent toxicity

Employ advanced pharmacologic algorithms to support clinicians in pinpointing the ideal drug regimens for patients — helping to prevent overdosing and related adverse events.


Guide dosing with pharmacogenomics

Advanced PK-PD models have the ability to include elements of pharmacogenomics, enabling personalized dose regimen adjustments based on individual genetic makeup. This context enhances treatment efficacy and minimizes adverse reactions by tailoring therapies to each patient's unique genetic profile.


Use analytics to visualize population performance

Interactive dashboards empower users to visually analyze data, enabling department leaders to identify trends, outliers, and potential risks with ease. An intuitive analytic interface fosters data-driven decision-making and facilitates proactive measures to and optimize patient outcomes.