Beta-Lactam Module Bundle

Products and services for commonly used beta-lactam agents, such as cefepime, meropenem, and piperacillin


Achieve optimal drug exposure for special populations

Personalize antibiotic dosing for each patient. Simplify dose calculations and patient monitoring for special patient populations (e.g. obesity, critically ill) by providing real-time drug exposure estimates, eliminating the need for manual processes. Easily identify patients that may not fit the mold for standard dosing.


Aid in antimicrobial stewardship best practices

Ensure dose regimens are optimized relative to pathogen and MIC, help decrease time to intervention, and identify therapeutic drug monitoring requirements. Clinician-guided support enables professional growth and development among your clinicians.


AI-Powered performance improvement

Elevate your treatment policies and protocols with the power of AI-driven insights and real-world data. Monitor key endpoints for patient outcomes, pharmacokinetic (PK) target achievement, and clinical benchmarking to continually improve performance. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging cutting-edge AI to deliver superior patient care and achieve excellence in clinical results.


Unlock Pharmacy Potential through Data

Interactive analytics dashboards equip department leaders with advanced tools to innovate departmental practices. These dashboards offer a complete visual overview of key performance indicators, empowering leaders to derive meaningful insights into departmental performance, pinpoint areas needing process improvements, and implement effective protocol interventions.


Transform practice through data

Dynamic analytics dashboards provide department leaders with powerful tools to help revolutionize department practice. By offering a comprehensive visual representation of key performance indicators, datasets enable leaders to gain valuable insights into their department's performance, identify areas for process improvement, and facilitate protocol intervention.