Solid Organ Transplant Module Bundle

Precision dosing Drug Modules, products, and services for agents used throughout solid organ transplant, such as tacrolimus, mycophenolate, and cyclosporine


Individualize therapy using robust PK-PD models

Studies show population PK model-based Bayesian methodologies provide drug exposure estimates with minimal bias and imprecision. Minimize risk of organ rejection by optimizing target attainment through MIPD.


Elevate pharmacy practice using pharmacogenomic data

Seamlessly integrate pharmacogenomic (PGx) data into clinical decision-making by leveraging comprehensive PKPD models, enhancing precision and personalization of treatment plans. Incorporation of PGx information at the bedside allows healthcare providers to effortlessly optimize therapeutic strategies for better patient outcomes.


Explore endpoints and outcomes with minimal effort

Facilitate data-driven decision-making across departments and harness the power of analytics for transplant agents to inform policies and protocols, — ensuring optimized patient care and continued practice improvement over time.


Optimize PGx performance using data and analytics

Equipped with comprehensive dashboards, hospital and pharmacy department leadership can easily adjust practice and protocol for pharmacogenomic-dependent medications.